Timeless words to drivers from a hundred years ago, 1915 / 2015.


Following the three casualties on Volcano Road [Alanui Kaluaopele] near Glenwood, because of the overturning of the automobile of the Volcano Stables Company [Hui Kaa Kaluaopele]; it is necessary to somewhat decrease the numbers of cars so the road isn’t disorderly [kipalale] as we know it is narrow. It is also important for the drivers [hookelekaa] to be cautious when driving, lest there be more casualties like these. When one driver wants to overtake another, that is stupid; be very careful in every way, whether the road is wide or narrow; because that is how this Hawaiian met with disaster, and took two haole women as victims. Think, O Drivers, and drive appropriately on narrow portions of the road so that you don’t get into accidents and lives are lost. This will be a reason world travellers will not often come here to Hilo, because of this kind of dreadful happenings that are heard of, and it is the very first in the history of Hilo.

[Not only Volcano—be careful anytime you are behind the wheel!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 3/4/1915, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 9, Helu 38, Aoao 2. Maraki 4, 1915.


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