James H. K. Kaiwi has gone, 1915.


My dear Hoku;

Aloha oe.—Please allow me an open space in your slim body, for these words placed above, so that the many friends, companions, and fellow laborer in the work of our loving Lord in the Archipelago may learn of this sad news.

On Sunday, the 14th of this past February, at 10 p. m. of that evening, the angel of destruction of all bodily spirits came visiting at their Residence at Keaalama, Opihikao, Puna, and took away the breath of life from his body, and left his remains to his wife, children, grandchildren, friends, and the Church which the two of them were connected with aloha. The sickness which caused his death was a tumor in his breast; which he had for perhaps 8 months.

He was born into this world from the loins of his parents. Kaiwi was his father and Kalua was his mother, at Keahialaka, Puna, in the month of April, the 17th, in the year 1860; he was 54 years old and 9 months and 27 days; and the hours of his breathing in the air of this earth are gone.

The Puulena wind has gone, it is in Hilo,
Searching out perhaps Papalauahi,
Makanoni will soon be found,
Dwelling with the sun at Kukii.

He was educated at the Pohoiki District School [Kula Apana o Pohoiki], and some other places, and he had further education at Hilo Boarding School [Kula Hanai o Hilo].

When he graduated from there, he returned to the fragrant bowers here in Puna.

He was married to Rebeca Kaualua Kaheaiki [Rebecca Kaualua Kaheaiki], and they were bound by that bond of holy matrimony until that inner bond was undone.

The voice of God called them to his work at Opihikao Church, and there they stayed until his death.

Everyone who knew him, they are the witnesses of his goodness in all things in his life.

The pastor of Puula, L. K. Kalawe, was the one who held his last services, at the House, and at the graveside, and they put him to rest in the hands of mother earth, until the time his loving Lord summons him.


Kapoho Jail, Feb. 22, 1915.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 3/4/1915, p. 3)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 9, Helu 38, Aoao 3. Maraki 4, 1915.


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