Alexander Kalei Kamahele and Mabel Kaholomoku Harvest wed, 1947.

Joined Together

One hour following the joining of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lindsey¹ in the covenant of marriage, those youths, Alexander Kalei Kamahele and Mabel Kaholomoku Harvest appeared at Haili Church and the service to make them man and wife was carried out by Rev. Moses Moku. This act was carried out in the afternoon of November 29.

After they were married, those invited, and the ohana followed on [?? kolomoku] to the home of the parents of the young man to join in on the celebration of the happiness of the young ones.

The family could not attend both of the parties, because Alexander Kamahele is a cousin of Juliet’s.

The party was filled, and after the celebrating, and after some time, the youths left to spend their honeymoon [mahina meli].

May these young ones be accompanied by much good fortune, and may happiness reside with them living as man and wife.

¹Juliet Nathaniel and Thomas Milimili Lindsey

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/3/1947, p. 1)

Hoohui Ia

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XLI, Number 14, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 3, 1947.

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