Obituaries and Vital Statistics, 1835.


Nov. 26. William Moxley of Ewa.

Dec. 25. Davida Tamehameha died in Honolulu. He was seven years old.

Dec. 16. Died in Honolulu was Olohana (Mr. John Young), he was a very old haole; he was ninety-three years old and lived in this archipelago for 46 years.


At Waialua these four months.

August, 0

September, 7

October, 5

November, 5


Those born.

August, 5

September, 0

October, 0

November, 2


By Laanui.

The people who died and were born in Kahuku these three months.

  died;  born

September, 4;  1

October, 0;  1

November, 4;  0

8;  2

By Kaihikapu.

(Kumu Hawaii, 12/23/1835, p. 207)


Ke Kumu Hawaii, Buke 1, Pepa 26, Aoao 207. Dekemaba 23, 1835.


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