More from Kona and the Deshas, 1943.

Our Day

The Calm Seas of Kona

Fishing is an occupation carried out by Kona men, and in Milolii the women and children take part in this endeavor. The boys and girls of Milolii are totally capable at fishing because they always go out on the canoes to go fishing with their parents. Therefore, in the future, fishing will not disappear from Milolii.

It is a truly simple thing to sell the fish of the fishermen. When a canoe comes in with fish, the peddlers are ready to buy the fish. So the fisherman doesn’t have to bother with selling his fish. In Napoopoo, it is not like Milolii. There, there are a few women who go fishing on canoes and so too of the children. Men are the ones who go fishing.

On last week Thursday, the news was told that there would be a tsunami [kai mimiki] between eleven o’clock and one o’clock in the afternoon. My companion rushed home and made ready to go down to Napoopoo, to our home by the sea there. This beach home was very near the ocean. So we were afraid the house would be lost to the sea. When we arrived at Napoopoo and looked at the ocean, the water was calm like an estuary. There was not a single wave. Therefore, we waited for the water to rise. The water remained calm. And the time it was said that there would be a tsunami passed, and we turned back for Kealakekua.

On Friday, the Rev. Desha along with Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cushingham, Mr. Roy Roberts, and Mr. Peter Hirata went to the Crater. Because of the gasoline shortage, they all went on one car. They went to the YMCA Camp called “Hale Aloha.” There a fine meeting was held, according to my companion. The YMCA is the Christian association of young men. Mr. Cushingham is the head of the Bishop Bank [Panako Pihopa] at Kealakekua; Mr. Roberts is the principal of the high school of Kona, and Mr. Hirata is the principal of Alae School.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 11/17/1943, p. 1)

Ko Maua La

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVIII, Number 30, Aoao 1. Novemaba 17, 1943.

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