Hula thriving in Heeia, 1876.

[Found under: “PALAPALA I KE KUOKOA.”]

Useless activities of adults.


Please grasp this bundle with your right hand, so that our friends will see from Hilo to Waioli, with Niihau to boot, that being the words above, “useless activities,” that being the hula.

Here in Heeia, Koolaupoko, there is much hula now; at Iolekaa there is 1 hula school with Hopa the male kumu hula; at Heeia Waena, Palau (m) and Naholowaa (f), those two are the kahu hula and Ioane (m) is the kumu; at Kekiwelawela is the hula school of Kaili (m) and Kalama (f), the two of them are the kahu hula, and Holoaa (m) is the kumu hula; At Heeia Kai, Kalei (m) is the kahu hula, and Kanuku is the kumu hula; at Kealoha there is 1 hula school with Laeula as the kumu hula; and 1 pa hula palepale [??]. When you add up the useless activities here in Heeia, they total six. These adults are making their homes into dens of thieves. There are many who go to see the deeds of darkness of the past, and they are making night into day, and day into night; where are the rat pouncing cats in the houses of those adults mentioned above? From 6 o’clock in the evening they hula until 12 o’clock at night or later. That is what is new; and now the son of the Koolau cliffs is turning back for the sun has shone upon the cliffs.

H. K. P. Kauaapuakea.

Heeia, Koolaupoko, July 12, 1876.

[I can’t be sure about some of the names. Unfortunately the online image of this newspaper is not very clear. I wonder if any schools today trace their lines back to one of these pa hula.]

(Kuokoa, 7/22/1876, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 30, Aoao 3. Iulai 22, 1876.


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