Hannah Baker in Hilo starting Hawaiian quilting clubs, 1941.


Here in Hilo is Mrs. Hannah Baker now, and she established some Hawaiian Quilting Associations. The first of her Associations was established at the YWCA Building and the second in Keaukaha.

From what was said, there are many who joined these clubs because they were interested in how to quilt Hawaiian blankets, and others perhaps because they wanted to obtain the knowledge of how to cut patterns of all sorts.

A while ago, we printed something about this Hawaiian mother who established these Quilt Clubs. It is indeed true that there is a fee for everyone wanting to enter the quilting clubs, and this pays for her expenses travelling here and there to teach this skill amongst those want to join or start quilting clubs. This is something that is very good, the teaching of that activity. It is a skill possessed by our kupuna, and quilting became something important to them. Now however our young women are haphazard at these things.

Just like hat weaving, from what is understood, now there are so many people getting together to weave hats. Because there are people who really like coconut woven hats, they are instructed until they can complete a hat.

If there are people who believe that they have the knowledge and are proficient at an art, use your brain and find those who looking for this, and you will eventually find them, that is how this activity is being revived.

There are many activities that the different ethnicities are undertaking, and the Hawaiians are letting them go; like sewing, the Japanese folks are teaching it, and tailor shops are being opened; and all the Hawaiians go to them to get the clothes they want sewed. You do the sowing and they the reaping.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 8/6/1941, p. 4)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 15, Aoao 4. Aukake 6, 1941.


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