Joseph Arthur Kamauoha, secret hero, 1884.



Sir,—A young Hawaiian, under my charge for his college education, was lately standing by the waterside at Glasgow, when two men were carrying loads over a plank into a ship. The first man missed his footing and fell into the water, and in his fall dragged down the second. My young friend, tall and powerful, succeeded in catching the hand of the man who first fell, and dragging him on to the wharf. He then rescued the second. Many people saw the transaction, but the Hawaiian immediately lost himself in the crowd, and it was unknown to whom the two lives saved were indebted. He has not alluded to the circumstances to me, and it is only a companion of his own from whom I have elicited this gratifying fact. I shall not be wrong in stating the rescuer’s name, which is J. Arthur Kamauoha.—I am, Sir, &c., Manley Hopkins,

Hawaiian Consul-General.

London, August 15.

[This was found on the British Newspaper Archive, a great resource.]

(Globe, 8/16/1884, p. 6)


The Globe, Number 27,841, Page 6. August 16, 1884.


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