Patients remaining at Kalaupapa, 1917.

Report on the Patients of Kalaupapa

In the report of the President of the Board of Health [Papa Ola], Dr. J. S. B. Pratt, pertaining to the patients of the leprosy colony at Kalaupapa, the number of patients living there has decreased, being that during the past June there were 587 patients at Kalaupapa, which is 42 less than the previous year.

Being that in Kalaupapa, where the patients live, there are 3 Americans, 1 Belgians, 24 Chinese, 5 Filipinos, 4 Germans, 12 Japanese, 10 Koreans, 108 Part Hawaiians, 47 Portuguese, 2 Puerto Ricans, 2 Spanish.

(Puuhonua o na Hawaii, 8/10/1917, p. 1)


Ka Puuhonua o na Hawaii, Buke IV, Helu 32, Aoao 1. Augate 10, 1917.

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