Sure victory for the Kona team of Prince Kuhio, 1910.


To the Editor of the Kuokoa, Aloha kaua: Please may I have an open column of your paper, and it will be for you to flash across the calmly surging seas from Hawaii to Niihau.

The air this morning was brisk and refreshing until the time when the paddler boys of Kona boarded the Mauna Loa for Honolulu to carry off once again the victory on the 17th of this month, that being Saturday. There are six of these paddlers of Prince Kalanianaole, and these are their names and their positions:

Canoe captain: Mr. Maunupau; the sailors are Kaluahiwa David, Makuaole, Una, Palakiko and Pailaka Mahiko.

This is not the first team of Kona, but due to sickness of some of the members of the first team, that is the reason some of the second team were taken, and it is for your, O Honolulu people, to see, for a majority are but youths, who the Honolulu people call the bread-eating boys of Kona [na keiki ai palaoa o Kona].

They all left with patience to carry out the command of their Lord, and I announce in advance to the public that they will all return with the lei of glory, their instruments sounding sweetly. Hawaii is the best.

Be patient O Honolulu boys, for it is just 16 minutes and swept over is half mile and back, that is equal to the distance of a mile.

I am done with mahalo,


Kailua, Kona, Hawaii.

(Kuokoa, 9/16/1910, p. 8)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVI, Helu 37, Aoao 8. Sepatemaba 16, 1910.

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