Woman struck by lightning at Punaluu, 1857.


O Hae Hawaii:

Aloha betwixt us.—I have some News I am sending to you, and it will be for you to spread it to all of the inhabited Islands of this Hawaiian archipelago.

There was a woman at Punaluu who was burned by lightning; her name is Kaniho; on the 20th of March, 1857. In the night of that day, there was much rain and thunder, and lightning; this woman was sleeping with her husband and their child in their house, along with an old woman; there were four of them. And at daybreak the old lady saw lightning racing from outside in, and it entered through the door, and it appeared to her like a skyrocket [ahi kaolele], and this flame shot all the way into the house and reached the woman sleeping on one side of the house, and the woman was burned on her left shoulder, where there is a round hole, and the place that was burned, the skin is gone and the flesh inside is white, and the lightning continued down to her legs; from her knee to her toes; on the front side, the skin is white, and that side is unharmed; on the back side of that leg, the skin remains, but it is severely damaged.

When the lightning entered the house, it travelled above the child and the father, and they both woke up quickly crying, because of the heat of the flame, and thereafter this woman was burned, because she was sleeping all the way off in a corner; she was burned with the blanket; the area that the woman was burned, and her legs, so too was the blanket and bed; it was black like charcoal.

By me, D. HOLOUA.

Waiohinu, Kau, Hawaii, 27 Mar., 1857.

(Hae Hawaii, 5/13/1857, p. 27)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou.—-Helu 7.

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