Importance of newspapers, 1857.

Newspapers of Foreign Lands.

Newspapers are what is published greatly these days. The millions of Newspapers of Britain, France and America which are printed each week are countless. Newspapers are not like actual books. Books cover but a single subject, while newspapers cover all news, every new endeavor, and every new idea, with nothing left out. Good things and bad things are published in the newspapers; proper conjectures and improper ones; angry thoughts and loving thoughts; good deeds and evil deeds. From all parts of the world, letters are written telling of the activities of those places. If a ship runs aground and is smashed, that is put into the newspaper. If a person falls and dies, it is heard of in the newspapers. If someone is killed, that is also published. If two nations are warring, all the activity of the war is published. It is important matter in the newspapers.

In the newspapers are the names of those who were married, and who died. In it is printed the prices of this and that. In it as well are the names of the ships leaving and coming, and the cargo, and the passengers. There are many lies purported in the newspapers, for man’s deceit is endless. However, if false information is found, it will be doused by the truth, revealing the nature of these lies.

In newspapers, all things of the world are reported on, and there are not very many that are hidden these days. If something evil is done in London, or New York perhaps; after a month and a half, the name of the perpetrator will be announced in all lands across the globe.

[Hae Hawaii was a government-sponsored newspaper whose goal it was to encourage Hawaiians to publish, purchase, and read newspapers.]

(Hae Hawaii, 12/16/1857, p. 152)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 2, Ano Hou.—-Helu 38, Aoao 152. Dekemaba 16, 1857.


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