Linohaupuaokekoolau! The importance of old newspapers. 1942.

[Found under: “Meahou O Na Kohala Ame Hamakua”]

Before I forget this; this is something to instruct everyone reading Ka Hoku—keep your Hoku newspapers; do not discard of them in the outhouse [lua liilii] or your rubbish cans. These days I keep all of my Hoku newspapers and so too the old newspaper, the Kuokoa. There are many wise things within them, proverbs of the adults of old, the old moolelo of Hawaii nei, in the newspapers. When reading them once again, my soul is gladdened when it rains outside and it is not possible to do work outside, I look in them, the newspapers, and read the old moolelo, and I find more knowledge, which helps me to write my news. I do not receive criticism.—Oh that one’s news is dry—there is nothing exciting. Who is right, me or you?

[Hattie Linohaupuaokekoolau Saffery Reinhardt was a news correspondent for the Hoku o Hawaii newspaper, representing North and South Kohala as well as Hamakua.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 2/25/1942, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 36, Aoao 1. Feberuari 25, 1942.

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