New Hilo jail, 1896.



Containing Sixteen Separate Rooms for Cells and Offices—Built of Lumber With an Iron Roof.

On Thursday next the Minister of the Interior will open bids for the construction of a building which is designated to fill one of the many long-felt wants of the citizens of the capital of the island of Hawaii. Hilo is at last to have a jail and one large enough to accommodate a considerable proportion of her population whenever it may be necessary.

According to the plans and specifications prepared the building will be seventy-five feet long by thirty feet wide, constructed of wood with corrugated iron roof. The outside walls will be of 2×8 planks planed on the outside and battened, so as to present a smooth surface for painting. Through the center of the building lengthways will run a 6-foot corridor with doors opening into the different cells. There will be ten cells, each 10×12 feet and four 6×12, together with two rooms 12⅔x12 for jailors’ offices and sleeping room. All the windows and doors will be provided with heavy gratings and the height of all the rooms in the building will be 10 feet from floor to ceiling. The ceilings will be of tight boards as will be the partitions and unless the prisoners manage to smuggle in keyhole saws they will have a hard time getting out.

While the new jail can hardly be termed an ornament to the town, still it will present a very neat appearance and will be large enough to last until it is replaced by a more imposing structure of brick, iron and stone, and with the present rapid strides in improvement now being made in Hilo that time may not be as far off as some people suppose.

[I just saw this article in the Hawaii Tribune Herald saying that this building soon will be no more.]

(Evening Bulletin, 7/2/1896, p. 1)


Evening Bulletin, Volume 1, Number 345, Page 1. July 2, 1896.

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