Emma Rose, living in New York, 1909.


An Interesting Letter From a Woman Who First Saw the Light in Honolulu—Remembers Old Landmarks.

Southampton, U. S. A.
February 4, 1909.

To Mr. James Steiner.

Dear Sir: I am sending one dollar, and will you please send me that amount in postcards, after deducting the postage? I was born in Honolulu, and visited the place several times afterwards, as my father was a whaling captain. I would particularly like to get a picture of the house in which I was born, but have not a very clear idea of its situation. It was a stone house, and on the road towards the Hawaiian school and nearly opposite the Kanaka church,and in about 1866 or 1868 was occupied by a family named Hooper, so there is nothing very definite. Knowing you have been in Honolulu a number of years, thought you might be able to give me some information. Would like the postcards of some old landmarks. Of course, I am not sure this will reach you, but if so, and you don’t consider it too much trouble, will you kindly communicate with me? and I will write again. I was a child when last at the Islands, but, somehow, the land of my birth has always held a warm corner in hy heart. I have a very dim memory of the people I knew then, though Frank Damon I remember well, as at one time we occupied the Fuller house, on Chaplain street, adjoining the residence of Father Damon. I hope I have not taxed your patience too much by this lengthy letter, and that I may hear from you in due time. Yours respectfully,

Southampton, Suffolk County, New York, Long Island, U. S. A.

(PCA, 2/25/1909, p. 11)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIX, Number 8283, Page 11. February 25, 1909.

1 thought on “Emma Rose, living in New York, 1909.

  1. I am curious about the intent for printing the letter. Was it an attempt to get readers who were familiar with the family to respond? Or was it to show her pride of being born in Hawaii? Or something else? Mahalo for the post.


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