Robert W. Wood’s new son, 1868.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO”]

A child in old age.—Our old doctor, Kauka Poalomaka (Dr. R. W. Wood), we have learned, has had a small son with his new wife in Massachusetts, United States of America, on the 2nd of May was the birth. He is a wealthy man and lived here until becoming a true kamaaina here in Hawaii, and he is the owner of the sugar plantation at Koloa, Kauai, however he had no children to will his riches to during his youth, and only now in his very old age did he get an heir, this child; so too did Abraham in his old age; he begat his child and his heart was gladdened while he praised God for this precious gift he received, and perhaps so too did this old man for his new beloved.

[Just thinking about why he received the Hawaiian name Kauka Poalomaka makes me cringe.]

(Kuokoa, 7/25/1868, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VII, Helu 30, Aoao 2. Iulai 25, 1868.

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