PCA introduction to their reprint of the previous article, 1862.


Hawaiians in California.—We find in a late Alta an extract from a letter giving a description of a colony of Sandwich Islanders now living at Indian Creek, El Dorado County, California. We frequently hear the taunt from foreigners that these islanders have no religion but sensuality, that they are a race of hypocrites, &c. Let such as are unwilling to credit them with honest intentions in their christian profession, read the following testimony, how Hawaiians live in a foreign country, and in localities where religion and morals are at a discount. Through abiding in a community where the Sabbath is almost unknown, these redemed savages let their light shine, and show to their more civilized and refined (?) neighbors that the teachings which they have received from their missionary pastors have not been lost to them. A goodly number of these natives subscribe for the native newspaper Kuokoa and thus their interest in their native isles is kept up,and they are kept informed of every thing of importance transpiring here.

(PCA, 6/19/1862, p. 2)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume VI, Number 51, Page 2. June 19, 1862.

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