Death of Solomona Kaonohi, 1893.


O Hawaii Holomua.

Aloha oe:—

Please place in an open space of your delicate body this parcel of sorrow, and it for you to spread it to the four corners of the land so that the many friends may know.

Solomon Kaonohi, our child, has passed on to the other world, in the night of the 19th of April, 1893, at 10 o’clock, the angel of death came and took the very last breath of our dearly beloved lei who passed on.

He was born in Waiapuka, N. Kohala, Hawaii, from the loins  of Mrs. Kaohua and Mr. John M. Kawelo, on January 23, 1870. Therefore, he was 23 years old, 2 months and a number of days when he returned to the Heavenly Father.

It is he who giveth and he who taketh away. Blessed be the Name of Jehovah.

He left the two of us, his parents, his sisters, and younger siblings, with sadness and sorrow for him.

John M. Kawelo.

April 24, Makapala, N. Kohala.

(Hawaii Holomua, 4/26/1893, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 209, Aoao 2. Aperila 26, 1893.

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