One hundred years ago in Hilo, 1919.


The sun is reigning in Hilo nei these days.

The heavens were clear on the voting day of this past Tuesday.

In the evening of this past Monday, the last meeting of the Political parties were held.

This past Wednesday, a number of Hilo kamaaina left for the Golden Gate of California.

This coming Friday, many from Hilo will board [the ship] to attend the great Fair in Honolulu.

The grounds of the Place of Refuge of Keawe will be once again cared for, and the expenses will be paid by the Trustees of the Kamehameha School.

Peace reigns in the calm of Ehu [Kona], and the land fragrant in the calm is always adorned.

Some people from the homesteads of Papaaloa are beginning to mill their cane.

There are many  new Homes that their roofs are being built in the Homesteads of Waiakea, and that place will become a large Town.

There is discussion about the milling of the sugar of the people from the Homestead of Waiakea. We hope those discussions will progress.

Please be patient, O People who love reading Moolelo, for our translator of moolelo is having problems because he has to go to Kona in connection with the Place of Refuge of Keawe, and some of our Moolelo have been dropped. Be forgiving.

The speeches of the Candidates were truly heated with the support of the political parties, at the last meetings in the evening of this past Monday. They was accusations back and forth of mudslinging of some of the Candidates chasing after the position of Supervisor.

Our friend, Mr. Leleiwi of the Kona districts remembered the livelihood of the Hoku newspaper, and we thank him. Maybe other friends from the Kona districts will follow his lead.

We held back the printing of our spokesman of this week, because we thought we might hear some news pertaining to the election. You might see it in an open space of the Hoku o Hawaii.

The President of the Board of Health was in Hilo to inspect the new quarantine hospital being built near Puumaile. He returned to the Capital City on the Mauna Kea of the evening of Monday.

This morning, Wednesday, the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors [Papa Lunakiai] of the County of Hawaii, and it is the last meeting of this month of June, and the new Board will join the meeting of the new Board of Supervisors in this coming month of July.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 6/5/1919, p. 3)


Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIII, Helu 1, Aoao 3. Iune 5, 1919.

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