Punishment by God? 1893.


We received this letter below, and we were filled with pity for this tragedy encountered by our fellow man, and this is that letter:

“Hana, June 16, 1893.

“Aloha to you, O Fearless Holomua;

“Here is some news from here in the country.

“On the 31st of May, the home of J. K. Iosepa was consumed by fire; destroyed were the belongings inside of the house, the furnishings, the bed and other things, and the walls were burned, but the house remained standing as if it is made ready.

“On that very same day, the house of B. K. Kaiwiaea was burned, and as was Iaisupa’s [Iosepa’s] house destroyed, so too was his house. The first one is a traitorous Pastor, and the later, a traitorous Teacher. That is the little news that we have.

“The people of Hana say that this is a punishment from God, for it is not known where the fire came from; but according to some, God pointed out to a Rat the place where the matches [ahikoe] were, to go a nibble at it, and that is how the traitors got their punishment.

“That is the news from the country; aloha to yours, O Messenger.


“Lawealilo [“Taken away”].”

(Hawaii Holomua, 6/20/1893, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 246, Aoao 2. Iune 20, 1893.


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