Meanwhile this death announcement for Archie A. Hapai is hard to make out, 1933.

This article is difficult to read for two reasons. 1. The newspaper is not scanned clearly. 2. The typesetting seems not to have been done very carefully.

What we can learn from this article that was not included in the previous English article is that:

Archie A. Hapai has Passed On.

His father died earlier, but his mother, Sarah Hapai, survives him although she is frail. She is known to all the young ones of Hilo as Aunty Sarah.

Archie was greatly trusted by his coworkers. He was kind and a gentleman. He left behind a wife and many children, as well as a sister and his mother.

He was married to Keonaona Purdy of Waimea with whom he had many children. Some are in school in Honolulu, and two daughters are teachers in Hilo, and one is going to school in Hilo.

It is heard that the Board of Supervisors will appoint a replacement for him in the near future.

His body was placed in the [????] church until it was taken away to be buried at Haili cemetery at 2:30 in the afternoon of this Saturday when his funeral was held.

His friends and family gathered there to take his body to the cemetery where he will sleep the sleep of all seasons. Aloha Archie.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 1/17/1933, p. 3)


Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XXVI, Helu 33, Aoao 3. Ianuari 17, 1933.



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