On the death of Lilia Kaleikau, and an extensive genealogy! 1922.


Lilia Kaleikau was born in Lahaina, Maui, from the loins of Pohunui (f) and Nakea, in the year 1826, on the 28th day of April.

In her youth, she was taken hanai by  the first missionaries, Alexander [Alekanekelo] folk at the boarding school of Wailuku, until her marriage to her first husband, John Davis, and from their loins came two children, Sam Davis who is living in Kapaa and Julia Maia Davis. From Julia M. Davis and John Matthew Kealoha were gotten the children Sam Kelekoma Kealoha, George Kahooheehao Kealoha, Emily Kekoiulalani Kealoha, Lucy Kahalekulu  Kapapauwai Kealoha, Kalihilihiokala Kealoha, Hattie Kelaukila Kealoha, Annie Kaleihoohie Kealoha, Lily Kealohilani Kealoha, John Andrew Kealoha, Julia Maia Kealoha, and Eva Kaohaulalani Kealoha.

In the year 1888, she left Maui and and followed after her children, those being Julia Maia Davis and John M. Kealoha, following the work of God, being that J. M. Kealoha took the position of kahu for the Church of Kapaa, Kauai.

From that time, she became a church member of this district and she carried out this work until her sight was taken from her and she was no more seen at church, but she remained at home remembering her Redeemer until she passed.

She was a kupuna that loved her grandchildren and she was important to her grandchildren.

One of her grandchildren, Emily K. Kealoha worked as a teacher here in Kapaa, and she was educated at Maunaolu, Maui; she was her favorite grandchild and they were not separated for long periods of time, and when Emily K. Kealoha got married to Isaac K. Hart, in the year 1893, that was something important to our grandmother; their covenant of marriage was not secure and Emily K. Hart returned to the loving bosom of her grandmother, and from that day until she passed, she was the one grandchild who cared for her as if she was her beloved. The many people great Kauai of Mano witnessed this.

In 1904, Lily K. Kealoha married J. E. Cummings, and from their loins came their first offspring, that being Emma K. Cummings who was taken as hanai by Emily K. Hart and her grandmother; and she was a grandchild that cared for her for five years, taking her to church and other places, and therefore, they are the grandchildren who truly fulfilled the five laws [na kanawai elima].

Her grandson, John A. Kealoha took care of the whole family, and our grandmother was important to him in all things, therefore, he was the elder of the home that our parents left for us.

John A. Kealoha was educated at Kamehameha School and he graduated and he held all sorts of jobs until he rose to senator from Kauai to the legislature of 1920; his grandmother was proud of this position, and she passed away.

From  Lucy K. Kealoha and Charles A. Titcomb came seven children, and Mabel K. Titcomb who is typist for the Navy at Puuloa is her first born, and she lived to see the advancement of her grandchild and enjoyed with her her success.

From the loins of Hattie K. Kealoha and Henry M. Rogers came six children, and from Annie K. Kealoha and Charles K. Huddy came fourteen children, and from Lily K. Kealoha and J. E. Cummings came eight children, and from Julia K. Kealoha and Sam Kaleimakalii came six and with her second husband, one, seven all together. From her daughter, 11 and from them 44.

Eva K. Kealoha was educated at Kamehameha, and it was our elder brother Senator John A. Kealoha who educated her and she became a nurse and she served as a nurse at the Children’s Hospital in Honolulu, and while she was there, she married William K. Peters, and thereafter, the two of went to Maui, and she was a nurse at Paia, Maui; she was loved by the people there; and during the war, her husband was called and they returned to Castner [in Schofield Barracks]; after the war, they went to Hilo and there, she was called as a nurse in  Pepeekeo, and after that she became the head nurse for Hilo, but in the first week of this month, she sailed for California to learn some things she did not know with the support of the prominent people of Hilo.

From the loins of Sam Davis and Kuahua came two children, Sam Leialoha Davis in Honolulu and Hattie Davis who married John Adolpho living now in Kapaa, and from the two of them came eleven, along with her sister’s, there are 55 great grandchildren.

All of us,


[PHEW! That took a long time to get through. Kani moopuna no hoi!]

(Kuokoa, 6/8/1922, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 23, Aoao 4. Iune 8, 1922.








(Kuokoa, 6/8/1922, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 23, Aoao 4. Iune 8, 1922.


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