Have you ever seen one so big? 1858.

Large Breadfruit.

O Ka Hae Hawaii

Aloha oe:—The saying of the people of old, “The breadfruit of Keei are gone [Pupuhi ka ulu o Keei].”

This is the large ulu  which we recently saw; Its circumference was 24 inches, its length was 12 inches; this is the first large ulu found here in North Kona. It was brought by the ulu climbing boys, Tataio and Kaopua. It was brought and presented to the King; the Chief boasted, “It is truly large indeed!” this ulu was found in the uplands of Puaa.

This is the news, and it is for you to take it before the eyes of those who take you body, and those who raise it.

Aloha to the cargo of love that will be distributed.


Kailua, North Kona, Hawaii, October 19, 1858.

(Hae Hawaii, 10/27/1858, p. 119)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou.—Helu 30, Aoao 119. Okatoba 27, 1858.

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