Observations of a suspected leprosy patient, 1866.

Trip of Leprosy Patients from Kailua, Hawaii, until Kalihi Kai, Oahu.

O Famous one, L. H. Gulick [L. H. Kulika], Captain of the Kuokoa Newspaper:—Aloha oe.

Please place this essay of a member of this trip of the leprosy patients, being that perhaps you will travel once again to Kauai next week, and so too to Maui, all the way to Hawaii, meeting with people suffering from this disease where the skin breaks out, and with the Police and those who serve the Law, and show them this:

I am J. W. Makanoanoa, one who was taken because of Leprosy [mai Pake] (according to the people who bring accusations) to Honolulu aboard the Kilauea. And while we were aboard the ship, were were put in the pig pen, and strictly forbidden to go out, we were not to go on deck, and there was only one place for us to be, from when the sun shone atop the ship until the 14th when we arrived here at Honolulu, at the pier of Ainahou, but you are detained in the pig pen until the arrival of the horse cart, upon which you were taken from there until the Hospital at Kalihi Kai, where you waited until the Doctor came out, then the patients are examined, and if you were a patient that was appropriate for Molokai, then you would head to Molokai. There are only a few people remaining in Kalihi. I was examined by the Doctor, and I was triumphantly released, with congratulations, because of the examination by the Doctor and the approval of the Board of Health.

This is my instruction to you all, if you get Leprosy, beginning on all the limbs of your body, then do this. If you are a child for your first time, put what is outside within, eat everything, and get ready for your end, because you will be taken to the Hospital of Kalihi Kai, and then all the way to Molokai; it will be as if you are descending down into your grave, according to my guess from what I saw.

Then there is this; if you have much wealth, then make your Will ready so that your wealth is inherited by your heir, because it will be the last time you see your family. But if you are sent by mistake of the officers, then have faith that you will see you Home once again, but if you are taken because of that kind of sickness, then I say to you  that you will not see your family again.

When I saw the patients in the Hospital, they held morning meetings where all of the church members in there gathered, and so too in the evening, and so forth. I was happy that the troubled people there regularly cared for the tree of life of Jesus Christ. Therefore, do not forget the tree of life, because there is no other life, only Jesus; he is the one to whom belongs the water of life. That is the main thing, O Friends, do remember this. I will stop here;the kiawe leaves are oppressive above my head.

John W. Makanoanoa.

Kikihale, Honolulu, July 17, 1866.

(Kuokoa, 7/28/1866, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke V, Helu 30, Aoao 4. Iulai 28, 1866.

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