Lake Waiau, 1906.


Lake Waiau Is Frozen Solid and Ice Very Slippery.

Eben Low, the manager of the Humuula sheep ranch on Hawaii, is in town and has much of interest to tell of a recent trip up the snow-covered slopes of Mauna Kea.

Lake Waiau, the alleged fathomless lake, 15,000 feet above sea level, was found frozen, solid, the party crossing it on horseback. An attempt was made to ascertain the thickness of the ice but after getting down a couple of feet the investigation was dropped.

Low says that he believes that his party was the first to ever cross the lake when frozen over. The ice was smooth and slippery enough to have afforded excellent skating.

As far as he knows there are no fish in the lake. It should, however, prove and ideal place for trout.

The are of Lake Waiau is about two and a half acres and its location is one of absolute isolation and desolation. No trees grow near and there is neither grass, herb or shrub on the lake’s margin. No game, furred or feathered, is found ndear, and even in summer, filmy  ice covers the water.

The lake has never been sounded and its depth is unknown. Native tradition holds it to be bottomless.

Eben Low regrets that he didn’t make a hole trough the ice in the middle of the lake and take soundings.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 2/6/1906, p. 1)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XLI, Number 11, Page 1. February 6, 1906.


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