Make your voice heard, 1902 / 2019.


Through unity will there be strength.

You can easily break a stick that is the thickness of your finger, but if a bunch of those sticks are bound fast together, they definitely cannot be broken.

The Lahui that is joined in unity, even if they are small in number, their sustained strength will be recognized and they will be able to do great things.

You have the power in your hands; and you have something good that is better than all other things, that is the ballot.

Therefore we call loudly out to you all, and right from within our hearts—

“Join together,
Rise—O children of Umi!
Stand up—descendants of Wakea!”

For you come from the blood of a great Lahui, and you will become a strong Lahui should you be steadfast and unite.

(Home Rula Repubalika, 3/15/1902, p. 6)


Home Rula Repubalika, Buke I, Helu 16, Aoao 6. Maraki 15, 1902.

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