Encounter with a shark at Lahaina while surfing, 1861.

Boys who fought with a shark.

On Wednesday, that being the 20th of November, at 12 noon, two boys went to bathe in the sea at the surf spot, Uo, in Lahaina, they being M. Kekiakona and K. Kalunakanalima; and while they were bathing, there appeared a large Shark, three feet in length, and when they saw this Shark, one said to the other, [“]We will be finished by the Shark[“]; the other one replied, [“]Don’t you be afraid, place your surfboard right at the mouth of the Shark[“]; then the other one stood still thinking that the great scary-looking fish would be victorious, and when the fish came very close to where the two stood, the other responded nervously, saying, “Shove your board at the gill plate of the Shark.[“] He quickly went and grabbed the tail of the Shark, and the one who shoved his board went and grabbed the top jaw of the Shark, and drove and hand in the gill plate; they all struggled until the fish came up to the shallows, and its time for inflicting hurt was over and it was the pair’s time to inflict hurt; they beat the Shark until dead; they went to find people to come fetch the Shark; the Shark was fetched and taken ashore, and so goes the tale [pipi holo kaao].

M. K. Lihauwaiekeekeikalani.
Lahaina, November 10, 1861.

[Speaking of surfing, I hear that Bishop Museum is planning an exhibit soon.]

(Kuokoa, 12/2/1861, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 4, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 2, 1861.


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