Corrections by Theodore Kelsey, 1948.


Editor The Advertiser:

In the Advertiser of June 12th appears the first section of the writer’s article A Hawaiian Lament, which contains a few errors he wishes to correct.

Kau’ai should be Kaua’i.

Palolo Valley’s dividing-ridge is Ka-lapa-nihi.

A few words of a sentence were omitted. It should read, He wonders if joyous parties still trudge up the valley to view the slumbering crater of Ka-‘au-hele-moa…

Honolulu, June 16  THEODORE KELSEY

(Advertiser, 6/19/1948, p. 16)


Honolulu Advertiser, 91st Year, Number 21,680, Page 16. June 19, 1948.


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