Cases of the flu, 1920.


There were 41 more cases of the flu reported in town reported to the Board of Health until 4 in the afternoon on this past Sunday; that totals to 157 cases in the first seven days of February. In the month of January there were 88 cases and if the number of sick from the 1st of this month in Honolulu, the total is 245.

Two deaths from the flu were reported the other day. During the first seven days of February, 12 people died of the flu; four of them did not reside here, and two of pneumonia; there were amongst the deaths of this town. As for the deaths from the 1st of January until this past Sunday, there were 33 from flu and 28 from pneumonia.

There were two new cases reported from Maui. There has been no word from the Board of Health of Hilo and Kauai.

In the night of the past Sunday, there were many churches who instructed their congregations to be wary and to take all steps to stop the spread of this sickness. These steps were also taught at the schools.

(Kuokoa, 2/13/1920, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XVIII, Helu 7, Aoao 1. Feberuari 13, 1920.

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