100 years later, I am afraid this is not the flu. Be safe, 2020.

[Found under: “KELA AME KEIA”]

John Kauwe of Hookena died of the “flu” the other day. This is one of the native Boys of Kona, and he was a great supporter in good deeds at the Church of Hookena. How sad for that beloved friend of ours.

We are happy to announce to the many friends of Senator Kamauoha; he is gradually getting better from that “flu,” and his strength is returning these days. This is good news which we are letting you know.

At Kapapala the other day, Jeo Perry, family of Henry Kapea of Pahala, left this life. He was a paper carrier, and paid the Hoku o Hawaii straight away. He was a victim of the “flu” spreading in Kau these days.

We have much appreciation for the Manager of the Pahala Sugar Plantation these days because of the great assistance he provides to those who have the “flu” at the Pahala Sugar Plantation. He is very attentive to the needs of those living on this plantation now.

[Take care of each other!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/8/1920, p. 3)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIII, Helu 45, Aoao 3. Aperila 8, 1920.


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