Wallabies still missing, 1916.


If you meet a wallaby on your way home tonight take him by the hand and lead him to  the offices of the Trent Trust Company. Richard H. Trent is looking for a pair of them he lost Saturday night and will give $25 for their return.

Dogs frightened the two animals brought from Australia for Trent’s private zoo and they jumped against their cage with enough force to break through it Saturday night. A young one, thrown from its mother’s pouch, was killed by the dogs, but the pair of old ones managed to get away and have not been seen since. The baby wallaby was left in the cage Sunday and today in the hope that the mother would return for it, but apparently she is afraid of the haunts of man.

The wallaby is a small animal of the kangaroo family, and altogether harmless. Trent does not expect to see his pair again as he believes they have taken to the hills and will be too frightened to come near to roads or human habitation.

It is said he intended to loan them use on the Australian float in the coming carnival if he had them at that time.

(Star-Bulletin, 8/21/1916, p. 8)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXIV, Number 7600, Page 8. August 21, 1916.


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