Smallpox on Kauai, 1881.

Letters and word arrived saying that smallpox appeared in Koolau on Kauai, upon people numbering 11. Sheriff Wilcox [luna makai Wilikoki] and his deputy acted quickly putting effort into quarantining against the spread, and immediately quarantined was all of the people living in Anahola all the way to where Bertlemann [Batelemana] lives, along with the listing of the names, and six policemen [kaiko] and captains were sent to the different sides of the quarantined area, with strict orders to not allow anyone to enter or any to exit. And an order was given to all heads of the government of the island with a list of the people living in quarantine, to arrest those quarantined if  they are seen anywhere else. The district sheriff took the Moloaa church as a leprosy [lepera? smallpox, hepera?] hospital, and the school there as a place to quarantine for the people who arrive there at the time, not homes.

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 3/5/1881, p. 2)

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke IV, Helu 10, Aoao 2. Maraki 5, 1881.

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