On working together to accomplish a task that a few cannot do alone, 1866.

Work together.

“E alu like, work together” is what a man said to his grandchildren, as he greatly desired for them to work in the manner of the title of this outlook, saying, All the time you do things, work together, help one another. Look at a carriage with four driving horses; they all help each other, pulling all in one direction; that way the carriage moves quickly. If the horses did not pull in unison, then it is clear, the carriage will not go. Therefore, O Young ones, work together and help one another.

“Work together, because if you all have face some difficulty and you help each other out, it will be worse if you go against each other. If there is a huge boulder, can one person carry it? No! No way!! Cooperating, that is the only way it can happen; something that cannot be done by one person, by joining together it becomes easy, and the work will be successful. Therefore, it is a good thing to cooperate in an endeavor, by helping each other out.

“Work together, because it is the pathway to blessings. If there is a bundle of many twigs and it is bundled tightly, and if you wanted to break that bundle, can you break it? You cannot. If it is undone and scattered about, and you wanted to break one, what then? Yes! It will break with little difficulty. Why? Because, it was broken singly; but when they were bound together in a bundle, their strength was great, because the small twigs were joined together in a single bundle. The foolish people will fight and go against one another. The intelligent people, they work together and help one another.

“Work together, because if there were three strands of rope that was braided tight, will that rope be easily broken? No? Not at all. That is what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 4:12; If you undo it, then it will be easily broken, therefore, it is better to work together.

“Work together, because those who work together will gain interest. This is how to understand this: If someone wanted to purchase three shirts, and one shirt costs $1.50; but if you purchase all three at once, then the price will be discounted to $3.25 for all three. So don’t you receive blessings in joining together? For the blessings of a remainder of $1.25 came to you, but if you bought at retail, then you would have spent more, that is $4.50. Therefore, it is good to work together.

“Work together; if there were three children walking along a river, and one of them has a rope; if one of them falls into the river, and the other two children help, the other will be saved. Therefore it is good to work together.

“Work together, in good times, in times of good health and in times of sickness, in times of strength and in times of weakness, in times of joy and in times of sadness, in your youth and when you are aged, in times of life and in times of death. As long as you continue to work together, you will continue to be blessed; if you are divided, then you will have sorrow and the like.

“Work together in things that are holy. Those who read the Bible with faith in what is written within, then their love for God is the same, with the belief that they will all enter into the eternal place for all times. Work together in prayer for each other. In this endeavor, the Great Father shall help.

“Work together while thinking of each other, in what is true and holy; and in this way, you will be blessed. Jesus is who can save man. Look at Heb. 7:25. Therefore, friends, while we are on this earth, help out one another, while we are on the path to heaven.”

(Kuokoa, 1/20/1866, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke V, Helu 3, Aoao 4. Ianuari 20, 1866.

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