David Kaonohiokala Peleiholani Jr. passes away, 1921.

Speaking of names, I wonder how many Peleiholani are now Pele.



David Kaonohiokala Peleiholani

Mr. Editor of the Kuokoa, Aloha amongst us:—Please allow me once again some open space of the Pride of the Lahui, for my sad offering placed above, so that all of the family from Hawaii to Niihau will see our lei, David Kaonohi Peleiholani, shortened to D. K. Pele Jr., [left this] life in America.

In the happiness of this life and the enjoyment, one becomes dejected when you had not expected sad news would arrive.

The telegraph of Puuloa informed me, “your son, David Kaonohi Pele, died at the navy hospital in America on the 26th of February, 1921, because he had persistent pneumonia for six weeks. Auwe, my sorrow for you! Auwe what anguish!

I thought of my later days with you, my hiapo, for I saw how you help me while you were in front of me, and so…

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