Carrie Nakapuahi weds Theophilus Metcalf Rowland, 1898.


Joined in the Covenant of Matrimony.

At Puueo in the evening of Happy New Year’s Day, these two youths gave themselves for this world and became one heart under the bonding by the Rev. S. L. Desha before a few relations and friends of the youths who took husband and wife. Before the time arrived that they took their vows before God, the home wall filled with those who were invited. After the marriage ceremony took place, there was held a reception with all things being festive, and when the reception was over, light food was brought out while they enjoyed their time until the gathering was let out in joy and unforgettable memories for the young newlyweds.

The young woman who took a husband was the eldest daughter of our intimate and good friend, George Nakapuahi who passed on and his first wife; she is a young woman educated at the schools of Kawaiahao and Kamehameha, and it was because of the debility of her beloved father who went on alone that she discontinued her education and returned to be with her father in the days of sadness, when he struggled between life and death, and while he was patient without despair; God fetched what was his and took her beloved father. Carrie is hospitable and a welcoming girl and is a friend to all who go and visit her, and her friends will be happy when they hear that Carrie has taken a father figure for the future, and we place our hopes upon you two from her forth. We give our congratulations a plenty to the young newlyweds, and pray that your days are filled with much blessings.

The two will spend their honeymoon [“mahinameli”] here in Hilo in the Kanilehua rains.

[The Hilo newspaper, Hawaii Herald, from 4/1/1897 to 6/15/1899, had a section called, “Elele Hawaii,” with Hawaiian language coverage.]

(Hawaii Herald, 1/6/1898, p. 6)

Hawaii Herald, Volume II, Number 22, Page 6. January 6, 1898.


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