News of Kapoina Dandridge heading back to Hawaii, 1900.


For Colored Woman.

Will Go to Sandwich Islands.

Disappearance of a Barberton Man. [unrelated story]

(Special Correspondence.)

Barberton, Oct. 5.—Mrs. Smith Dandridge, an estimable colored lady, who formerly resided here, until a year ago, and also in Akron, has gone to the Sandwich Islands to obtain a fortune, which has been willed to her.

Mr. Dandridge is an expert electrician, and while here was employed by the National Sewer Pipe Company. When Henry Robinson went to Mexico, to engage in the clay manufacturing business, Mr. Dandridge accompanied him.

A few weeks ago when Mrs. Dandridge was visiting Akron she received word that a fortune was awaiting her in the Sandwich Islands.

It appears that Mrs. Dandridge was reared by a man who grew wealthy and afterward moved to the Sandwich Islands. In his will he bequeathed most all his belongings to her.

[Unrelated accounts follows.]

(Akron Daily Democrat, 10/5/1900, p. 8)

Akron Daily Democrat, Volume Nine, Number 144, Page 8. October 5, 1900.

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