Lieutenant J. G. Talbot had just been in Hawaii in September of that same year, 1870.


From San Francisco—Per Moses Taylor, Sept. 21—Mrs. A. H. Severance, S. G. Wilder, Miss Jennie E. Scott, Mrs. Dickson and grand daughter, J. L. Lewis, Mr. Dickson, Lt. J. G. Talbot, U. S. N., Ensign Perry Garst, U. S. N., Chang and wife, Ed Powlett, C. K. Clark, J. Boardman, E. Perkins, W. H. Felker, Mrs. Alice VonHolt and 3 children, G. W. C. Jones, Alex Campbell, C. Eckert, Mrs. L. Crittenden, Mrs. G. McDougall and child, Rev. W. P. Alexander, Judge Austin, wife and 3 children, P. H. Treadway and wife, Mrs. P. S. Smith, Alp Pierce, wife and 2 daughters, and 18 others. For Australia—Sir George Grey, Miss Matthews, James Campbell, Isaac Doetsh, C. E. Howard, A. J. Clark, Thomas Jackson, Capt. F. A. Smith, J. A. S. Jones, J. T. Home McEwan, A. Forsythe, Mrs. McDonald, Edmund Burke, Robert Kaye, mail agent, James Alexander, and 32 others.—104.

From San Francisco—Per Nereid, Sept. 14—Mrs. J. Peterson and 3 children.

For San Francisco—Per A. P. Jordan, Sept. 22—C. C. Perry.—1.

From San Francisco—Per Electra, Sept. 23—Mr. Dewing.

[I wonder what made the put the unnamed people in the “other” class.]

(PCA, 9/24/1870, p. 2)

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XV, Number 43, Page 2. September 24, 1870.

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