Vital Statistics, 4/23/1920.


Joseph H. Christ to Emily K. Macomber, Aperil 10.
Poo Hong to Ah Fun Kong, Apr. 12.
Fernandes Andrews to Sarah Kaai, Apr. 16.
Dan Kaleo to Elizabeth Puho, Apr. 16.


To Louis K. Aiu and Clara Lee, a son, Apr. 2.
To Fred S. Saniguchi [Fred A. Taniguchi] and Mary Ah Lee, a son, Apr. 9.
To Manuel Souza and Clara Kalawa, a daughter, Apr. 9.
To Sam K. Yim and Emma Ah Chang, a son, Apr. 14.
To William Silva and Julia Wright, a daughter, Apr. 18.


Kapaiki, at Lunalilo Home, Apr. 13.
Sarah Haia, at the Children’s Hospital, Apr. 14.
John Hauoli Burgess, at the Children’s Hospital, Apr. 13.
Solomon Koko, at Queen’s Hospital, Apr. 13.
David Keohohou, a Puuhale,  Apr. 16.
Adele Kuahine, on  South Beretania Street, Apr. 16.
David Jackson, on Auld Street, Apr. 17.
Thomas Aukai, Jr., at Queen’s Hospital, Apr. 17.
A baby of William Silva, at Manoa, Apr. 18.
Miriam Keanu, at Queen’s Hospital, Apr. 19.
Sarah Kaaha, on School Street, Apr. 21.

(Kuokoa, 4/23/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 17, Aoao 4. Aperila 23, 1920.

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