Vital Statistics, 7/2/1920.


Joseph Y. Jordan to Pauline Gonsalves, June 19.
Henry Alina to Annie Ho Chow, June 20.
David Kukailani to Esther Nahinu, June 21.
Manuel Nicholas to Annie Keliikuli, June 22.
Edward Hao to Annie Kanoa, June 24.
William Wright to Margaret H. Aea, June 26.
Harrie K. Chan to Severina Holt, June 26.
John Ulama to Louisa Kaluhiokalani, June 26.


To Harry T. Markham and Ida Wessel, a daughter, June 9.
To David Kaanoi Sr. and Emily Kanoapuni, a son, June 10.
To Ah Chong and Luisa Brown, a son, June 19.
To Albert Peter and Helen Sniffen, a daughter, June 21.
To Pang B. Sing and Rose Aki, a son, June 22.
To J. Kamakahiki and Annie Kanoa, a daughter, June 22.
To Joseph Akeo and Rose Emakalani, a son, June 22.
To Daniel Kuinela and Hele Namaka, a son, June 23.
To C. K. Winchester and Grace Kipapa, a daughter, June 24.
To John Aana and Sarah M. Akoni, a daughter, June 23.
To James K. Farr and Helen Cordes, a son, June 24.
To William Gomes and Victoria Bannister, a daughter, June 27.
To Solomon W. Kaleina and Josephine Kalama, a son, June 24.
To Harold Godfrey and Becky Nobriga, a son, June 29.


William Kalama, on Kalani Street, June 19.
Benjamin Kaai, on Pua Street, June 20.
Herman Kahalewai Ke, Jr., at Queen’s Hospital, June 24.
John Aana, on Vinyard Street [alanui Vinia], June 24.
A baby of Lucy Kahaleulei, on Hustace Street, June 24.
Malie Aukai Kawai, on Kalani Street, June 25.
Peleuli, at Lunalilo Home, June 25.
Elsie C. Maka, on Luso Street, June 26.
David Andrew, Jr., at the Children’s Hospital, June 28.

(Kuokoa, 7/2/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 27, Aoao 4. Iulai 2, 1920

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