Vital Statistics, 10/1/1920.


D. Punihaole to Julia Patridge, Sept. 20.
Wilder Parker to Estrella Cockett, Sept. 20.
James K. Areia to Gertrude K. Lewis, Sept. 25.
Amana Ahlo to Rose Luke, Sept. 25.
G. W. Kealoha, Jr., to Rose Kahilipulu, Sept. 25.
Joseph Kalaukoa to Lillian Keawekane, Sept. 26.
William K. Kaleikini to Meleka Akamu, Sept. 26.


To Thomas Ani and Annie Peter, a daughter, Sept. 11.
To Tony Leandro and Annie Lopez, a son, Sept. 17.
To Wan Quon Lum and Allen Alama, a son, Sept. 19.
To John Camacho and Julia M. Lelepali, a daughter, Sept. 22.
To D. K. Kaluhiokalani and Phoebe Lawelawe, a daughter, Sept. 23.


Margaret [??????], on Iwilei Street, Sept. 25.
Charles Keahiolalo, on Home Rule Street, Sept. 26.
George Kalei, at Queen’s Hospital, Sept. 26.
Katherine Ryan, at Queen’s Hospital, Sept. 27.

(Kuokoa, 10/1/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 40, Aoao 4. Okatoba 1, 1920.

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