New steamship planned by the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company, 1920.

A new steamship is being considered

Honolulu, Dec. 13. Reliable news has been heard that the Officers of the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company [Hui Mokuahi Holoholo Pili Aina] has decided to build a new large steamship bigger than the Mauna Kea in place of the Mauna Kea that is now in service. And it will run three times a week, and it will be a steamer that carries 250 passengers in the stern and it will be like the Steamship Alameda that travelled between San Francisco and Honolulu some years ago.

The area where the second-class passengers say will be made nice, and so too for the passengers on the deck, the area where those deck passengers are welcomed will be nicer. The order has been sent to a ship manufacturer in San Francisco to build a new steamship for Hawaii nei, and the steamship will be completed in the month of December 1921.

If this wonderful news reported in Hilo is true, then it is truly good news for the progress of Hilo, and for the benefit of those who travel between Honolulu and the many ports that the Mauna Kea now visits.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/16/1920, p. 3)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIV, Helu 29, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 16, 1920.

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