Name for the new steamship, 1922.


Have you a suggestion for a name for the Inter-Island company’s new and palatial steamer for the Honolulu-Hilo run?

J. M. Dowsett, a director of the company, yesterday stated that the company has not selected a name, and so far had not discussed a name, but he added that suggestions would be welcome from the public.

The Inter-Island company has commandeered about all the euphonious, sonorous and historical Hawaiian names in the islands for naming their extensive fleet.

There are the Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kilauea—all the volcanoes taken; there are the Waimea and Kauai and Niihau, Onomea, Hamakua and Hanalei. They also have historical names such as Kinau, Likelike and Kaiulani. There are the Mikahala and Claudine and W. G. Hall.

The City of Honolulu has just been taken by the Los Angeles Steamship company for its steamer Aeolus. There is a sailing ship named Lahaina and another Hawaii, while the Los Angeles Steamship company has also selected this name for its steamer Huron. There is a sailing ship bearing the name of Kohala and another Diamond Head and still another Koko Head.

There are still some names of ports unused, such as Nawiliwili, Koloa, Eleele, Kawaihae, Mahukona, Kailua, Napoopoo, Honuapo, Hilo, Kahului, Hana, Pukoo.

There are still many historical names, including those of former sovereigns of the islands, and members of the royal families, such as Kalakaua, Liliuokalani, Lunalilo, Liholiho, Kamamalu, Kuhio and Kalanianaole, the two latter being names of the late prince-delegate; Kaahumanu and Kamehameha. The name Haleakala was given to a shipping board freighter. The name Hualalai, a mountain on Hawaii, has not being used on a steamer. Some of the names, of course, are not suitable, because not easily pronounced.

On this island there are some mountain names, such as Tantalus, Konahuanui and on Kauai, Waialeale. Wailuku on Maui and Lihue on Kauai, are two county seat names never yet applied to vessels as names.

There are lots of good sounding Hawaiian names that might look well on the big steamer which will give a palatial service to Hilo on the “Volcano Route.”

Suggestions for names can be sent to the marine editor of The Advertiser for reference to the steamship company. There is the name of “Aloha,” which already has been suggested might be most appropriate for the new steamer.

(Advertiser, 5/11/1922, p. 12)

Honolulu Advertiser, 64th Year, Number 12,778, Page 12. May 11, 1922.


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