S. S. Haleakala, 1923.

S. S. Haleakala

The Newest Steamer in the Pacific


Another stride of progress is recorded in the annals of inter-island travel in the Hawaiian Islands—by the arrival of the newly completed steamship Haleakala in her home port!

The coming of the Haleakala brings with it the beginning of a new era of travel service on this splendid new ship that is replete with comfort and convenience.

The latest ideas for promoting the highest standard of pleasant travel while at sea have been incorporated in the construction and furnishing of the Haleakala.

The inauguration of this vessel in inter-island travel between Oahu, Maui and Hawaii—the present run of the S. S. Mauna Kea—will afford fast service, and will accommodate 334 first-class passengers and 100 steerage passengers.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend the public inspection of this newest ship in the Pacific, the date of which will be announced on the day of her arrival in port.

The first trip of the S. S. Haleakala will be a weekend, daylight excursion from Honolulu to Hilo, a visit to the Volcano, and will include a stop at Kahului, Maui.


Dining Saloon

Smoking Room

Writing Room

S. S. Haleakala


Standard State Room

(Star-Bulletin, 3/15/1923, p. 8)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXX, Number 9742, Page 8. March 15, 1923.

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