Death of Victoria Keola, 1921.



Mr. Editor of the Kuokoa Newspapers, Aloha oe:—Please may we ask you to be patient and give us an open space of the Kuokoa for our parcel, and the paper will carry it upon the billows of the ocean until it reaches land, so that the family and friends of the beloved daughter of ours will see, whereas we, her parents were living at ease without dreaming of this ahead of time. On Monday, Jan. 17, while her father was getting ready to get on this horse to go into the mountains to perform his usual duties of seeking out steer, his female employer called out, “E Paahana, there was a wireless telegram from Honolulu saying Mrs. Victoria Keola is dead. That was a time for sadness and grief. From there, her father turned back for home and told the sad news to the family, there was a telegram telling of Victoria’s death. He got on the Kilauea of Monday, Jan. 17, with the great desire to see her remains, but no, her body was gone on the 17th while her papa was sailing on the sea. When he reached Honolulu, he got on a car and travelled straight for the house of his children [? daughter]; he saw his son-in-law and his grandchildren, but his beloved daughter, Mrs. Victoria Keola, he did not see, and his tears of love flowed and he went up to Maemae and saw the grave of our beloved, and his tears flowed; aloha for his daughter who went afar!

Our daughter Victoria was born in the month of April, on the 15th, 1893, and she breathed in the cool air of this world for 28 years and some months. Much aloha for her!

Our daughter was born of her mama, Malie Ohela and her papa Paahana Hose; her mother passed on to the other side previously, and her father survives.

Her father is 51 years old and a month; she was a girl who loved her family, and she was welcoming to all those who appeared at the door to her house; she leaves behind in this world her husband and her children who have no mother. Aloha for our beloved who has gone afar, Victoria; we will no more her her loving voice. She was born in Kainaliu, Kona, Hawaii.

O Kona, O Kona, no more will she go around upon you loving soil! O Kona, O Kona, of the peaceful seas in the calm, you will not see her again! O Kona, O Kona, Victoria will no more drink of your bracing waters, so we her parents and her family give our thanks to those who gave gifts of flowers for our beloved daughter, and so too her friends. Therefore the words of the Bible are fulfilled: Life of man is like a vapour that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away; God takes His, the spirit and leaves the body for us, the family to grieve over.

With these thoughts, we give our great appreciation to Mr. Editor and the favorite boys of your printing office.

We in sadness,


(Kuokoa, 2/4/1921, p. 3)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIX, Helu 5, Aoao 3. Feberuari 4, 1921.


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