The difference between information printed in books and information printed in the newspapers, 1834.

A Printing error.

On page four of this Ka Lama, there is a printing error. Here is what it said,

The farming stick [oo mahi] that they used in the olden times, was ule,¹ and alahee, and so forth; But this is what is correct, The farming stick that they used in the olden times was ulei,² and alahee,

[If you printed an error in a book, whether it be a simple typo (or one like the typo here which changed the meaning drastically) or an outright factual error, there was no way to correct it. Unless you reprinted the book, which hardly ever happened because of the labor and cost.

In a newspaper, if there was an error, it could be corrected in the next issue, or whenever it was discovered. Here, it seems the fourth page was printed before the second page was typeset, so they could correct the error found on page four in the very same issue of the newspaper! What also happened often was that one newspaper would be called out by another newspaper for printing something erroneous.]

¹From the Pukui/Elbert dictionary, ule is defined as penis, or tenon for mortise, or to hang.

²Whereas ulei is a kind of shrub, as is alahee or walahee.

[Also, note that part of the text falls in the bound side of the newspaper, so it is illegible.]

(Lama Hawaii, 4/4/1834, p. 2)


Ka Lama Hawaii, Makahiki 1, Helu 8, Aoao 2. Aperila 4, 1834.

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