Pleas for So Hin Wong, 1923.

The Governor is Asked to Give Assistance
A Chinese Kamaaina of Honolulu is Arrested in New York, and to Save Him, Assistance of the Governor is Wanted

Because of a telegraph received by Professor C. S. Lee of the University of Hawaii, from his brother, Shao Kang Lee, living in New York, he went before Governor Farrington this past Monday and asked for his assistance to save a Chinese kamaaina who was arrested in that city.

The name of that Chinese that was arrested is So Hin Wong, the editor of the newspaper Canton Times, and vice president of the Pan Pacific Press Congress [ka Ahaolelo o na Kanaka Kakau Nupepa o ka Pakipika]. This is how the telegraph went which was sent to Professor Lee:

“Hin Wong was arrested by General Shien. Have Governor Farrington call for help from the American consulate in Canton.”

Other than Professor Lee, he was accompanied by Mr. C. K. A-i of City Mill and William K. Fong Yap of the Bank of Hawaii, to meet with Governor Farrington, on this past Monday. And after their meeting, the governor sent a telegraph to the American consul in Canton asking him to explain the reasons that Mr. Wong was arrested. And those were the steps to save that Chinese.

Along with the telegraph sent by Governor Farrington to the American Consul in Canton, another similar telegraph was sent by S. B. Dole and A. H. Ford, asking the consul to do all that he can to get Wong released from his imprisonment.

The reason that Mr. Wong was arrested, as explained by Professor Lee, last Monday, because Mr. Wong wrote editorials in his newspaper criticizing General Shien Hung Ing.

When Wong was but seven years old, he arrived here in Hawaii with his father [Shu King Wong]. His father became the editor of a Chinese newspaper [Sun Chung Kwok Bo] and pastor for the old Chinese church on Fort Street, and a teacher as well at Mills School.

Wong was educated at Mills School, and then at Punahou, and after graduating he went to America to further his education, and he graduated, prepared to be a newspaper writer.

He returned to China, and because the editor for the newspaper Canton Times, and he is also a writer for a number of other newspapers in China and America.

(Kuokoa, 2/15/1923, p. 1)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXII, Helu 7, Aoao 1. Feberuari 15, 1923.

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