Has anyone seen a copy of this paper?


There will be a new weekly newspaper appearing in Hilo. This information was learned from an announcement to the office of the treasurer of the Territory on the past Saturday morning, in a letter to the office making it known that a weekly, “Ka Leo o ka Lehulehu” was ready to be printed every Friday at the printing office of the Hawaii Herald Publishing Company.

B. H. Kelekolio is the editor of this new newspaper that is making an appearance, and he is the one who established this new paper. It is a newspaper that will be published in the Hawaiian language, and its columns will be filled with only Hawaii news.

(Kuokoa, 5/24/1912, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 21, Aoao 4. Mei 24, 1912.

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