Shared from a letter from Boston, United States, as follows:

The dignity of a religious assembly was raised because of some dark-skinned Hawaiians whose names are, East Kahulu [East Kahulualii], J. M. Bright, J. Edward, and Mr. Jones, being that they praised the name of the Lord from the choir loft of that sacred house of God.

When the singing of the hymns was done, the preacher of the church introduced the one who would open the sermon, that being Mr. East Kahulualii, one of the full dark-skinned Hawaiian boys, all the while there were thousands of people in that church.

He spoke in the mother tongue of his homeland, and the preacher of that church interpreted in English. This Hawaiian youth was greatly praised for his daring to speak the words of God fearlessly before the crowd watching him.

This youth was educated by Miss Green in Waialua, Oahu, and from there he went to the Episcopal school at Koleaka, and became skilled in the English language.

By his actions your extraordinary glory is seen, O Hawaiians who are called ignorant people.

(Ka Oiaio, 7/12/1895, p. 4)

Nupepa Ka Oiaio, Buke VII, Helu 19, Aoao 4. Iulai 12, 1895.

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