Hawaiian language page added to the Hawaii Herald, 1897.


We begin in this issue to print a page in the Hawaiian language, and set aside that page for news, essays, wise discussion, announcements of what is new, as well as notices.

The Rev. Mr. Desha, the kahu of Haili Church, has agreed to edit that page, and we, as well as he believes that this will become something that will encourage the rights of native Hawaiians of the land.

This was our initial wish when establishing this paper. We hope that by this endeavor Hawaiians will realize they also have responsibility in this paper just like the Haole, in sending in their political ideas, and reporting on unfair practices carried out against them.

The columns of this paper are open to all people of Hawaii to send in bits of news, general encouragement, and progressive political ideas. We wish to support Hawaiians and Haole alike toward equal prosperity for all.

We hope that Hawaiians will take delight in welcoming these ideas as we imagined, and that they will give their assistance so that this endeavor will benefit.

Editor of the Herald [W. H. Smith]

(Hawaii Herald, 4/1/1897, p. 4)

Hawaiian Herald, Vol. 1, No. 34, Pg. 4. April 1, 1897.

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