Commentary on Hawaiian newspapers, 1889.

[Found under: “NU HOU HAWAII”]

With the issuing of the newspaper Makaainana this past Wednesday, we saw that it was its last issue as a newspaper, retiring for all times. Many and vast have been the newspapers which have been started in this age by Hawaiians. However, as for their end, they end in devastation. It would seem that people will become hesitant and not support new newspapers that will be started because of the many closures of Hawaiian established newspapers.

[While the daily Makaainana newspaper under F. J. Testa came to a close on May 8, 1889, a new weekly Makaainana was started five years later on January 1, 1894, under W. H. Kapu.]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 5/11/1889, p. 2)

Ka Makaainana, Buke XII, Helu 19, Aoao 2. Mei 11, 1889.

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